In the past, garden light is only a floodlight or like the lights in the beach, only to light up in darkness. However, now everything has changed. Outdoor lighting is much more advanced than before, much more beautiful. There are usually two kinds of lighting: one is practical, the other is decorated. Small garden lighting should be combined with these two kinds of lighting. So when you want a beautiful garden, you have to think more, and imagine more.

The most suitable colors for outdoor lighting is white and blue. Other colors, such as red, orange or green, will make the green plants and other scenes become bizarre ugly in the garden. NEVER try multicolored lights, it can make it worse. When the rotating light ring illuminates the surface of the pond, it causes nothing but only dizziness. Therefore, the lighting design need to be simple and practical.

From a practical point of view, after darkness comes, you wander in the garden, you need to be able to see the road. So you need appropriate lighting for the porch, roadside, steps and chairs area. Lighting brightness is a problem to be solved, low-brightness lighting is usually much better, which can create a soft atmosphere. About the lighting installation, it is usually much better to make lamps at both sides of steps or paths, instead of making it light down from your head. For this case, the key point is to make right choice of lamps quality and location, rather than the lamp appearance.

You should learn from the stage lighting design when considering decorate the gardens, lighting is an art. In order to fully display your garden in the evening, it’s important to understand stage decoration techniques. Spotlight is the oldest and most direct stage lighting, it is usually light up an object with a beam of light from a certain height. In the garden, the spotlight can be used to highlight a statue or a tree. Its effect is to make a scene highlighted in the dark background . Floodlight light beam is scattered with a wider range of lighting area, making us sense it very gentle. Floodlights can be used in a group of scenery, or for a certain area of plant lighting. One more lamp suggested to be installed on the back of the object, to highlight its contour shape. Its key is to hide the light source, so it can create a real stage drama.


There is one more lighting technique, that is to place the lamp close to the ground or wall, so that light from the bottom can light up the ground scenery. This method can also be used under the tree, the effect is also very good, it makes the bark on the tree trunk completely different from that in daytime. We have been accustomed to seeing the sunlight from the head down the scene, when we use artificial light from bottom to top lighting, the plants in garden are all changed. You can also hang the lamp high on the branches of the tree, so that light from top to bottom irradiation, the light will be projected and make fantastic shadows on the ground . This method works best on lawns and flooring. A breeze comes, the park shady, feeling calm.

There are still many other good lighting effects for garden. For example, small light string installed on branches and green leaves, water-proof lights mounted in the fountain, etc. In any case the safety of outdoor lighting should be taken into consideration first. You can buy all kinds of low-voltage lights, but keep in mind that the current is always dangerous. If in doubt, be sure to ask a professional for help.