During the past twenty years, various kinds of lighting products manufactured in Guzhen, accounting more than 60% market share in the China. Guzhen quickly developed into Asia’s largest professional lighting production base, one of the world’s top 4 major professional lighting production bases and wholesale markets, be well-known as the China Lighting Capital with high reputation.

In fact, there is no historical origin of lighting industry in Guzhen, but the location and unique local culture of Guzhen ensure the formation of lighting industry cluster.

Guzhen started to develop the lighting industry in the 1980s, the locals seized the opportunity of the Reform and opening up policy of China, they made good use of the industrial advantages from the near area such as Foshan, Nanhai, Xiaolan, which were able to supply plastic, wire, hardware, electrical appliances items. By using one light bulb, one root pipe and wire, they made a simple table lamp, or wall lamp at home. It was the beginning of the difficult business start-up history of Guzhen lighting industry. Now we called it “the stage of infancy.”

In the early 1990s, under the support and guidance of the government policy, Guzhen initially established a street with about 300 lighting shops. Compared to the lighting city in ZheJiang Province, Guzhen was still lagging, but it was ready to participate in competition. This was the beginning of the following 10 years competition between Guangdong and JiangZhe in the lighting industry. Now we call it “the stage of development.”

In 1999, when the gradual decline demand of residential lamps in Jiangsu and Zhejiang happened, Guzhen timely held an International Lighting Fair. It was the first international lighting fair held in China. The booths were built in the middle of the main roads in town, but as the first edition, Guzhen was successfully in the spotlight of the world. At the same time the lighting fair accelerated the gathering resources of lighting industry capital, information, personnel, logistics. Guzhen lighting industry entered upon a new phase of increasingly prosperous development , we call this period the “take-off stage.”


Guzhen vigorously promoted the development of lighting industry, so that lighting production escalated, and the industrial chain constantly improved, forming a huge industrial base. What’s more, Guzhen lighting industry promoted the formation of the industrial belt in the area of 11 towns surrounding, with the output up to 100 billions. During a decade, Guzhen passed the rigorous re-evaluation from China Light Industry Federation and China Electrical Lighting Association, honored as the Lighting Capital of China so far, being irreplaceable in the lighting industry of China.

Today, as the China Lighting Capital, Guzhen is committed from “success” to “excellence”, determined to forge a brilliant decade coming. In recent years, Guzhen lighting industry embarked on adjustments. Guzhen focuses on promoting the lighting industry chain technology development and marketing , enhancing the overall competitiveness of the industry chain, building the global lighting industry center by developing marketing center, technology center, innovation center as a core task